Nevertheless She Persisted

Two sisters working in Holloway Prison in 1913, find themselves face-to-face with imprisoned suffragettes; women fighting for the same freedoms they want for themselves

Nancy is drawn to one inmate in particular – the enigmatic ‘Duchess’. She believes in deeds not words 

Clara is drawn to Ted. He believes in marriage


“Stunning, thought provoking… a must read for feminists everywhere”

Feminisio Libros Reviews

“This is a wonderfully written story of two sisters coming of age in a time of upheaval and social change; a story about protest and politics, class wars and gender wars. Nancy and Clara are fabulously well-drawn characters, and this book will appeal to readers who like strong female leads.” Historical Novel Society


Available as an audiobook, narrated by Rebecca Cooper.


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So let’s get straight to the point. Nevertheless She Persisted is a suffragette novel, written by a man.

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